About Us
Inspired by the philosophy of “Nothing or The Best”, we are a group of individuals with diverse and unrelated backgrounds who came together for the pursuit of excellence. Our diverse backgrounds not only help us in generating new ideas but also benchmark them against different industry standards.

Zion has assembled one of the finest teams of real estate professionals. Their collective experience combines a hands-on management style with a strategic approach to acquisition, planning, development, sales and maintenance, ensuring the firm’s leadership for years to come. We strive towards high level of client and investor satisfaction by having a transparent engagement model and a higher standard of service delivery.

The creators of Zion believe that every project, irrespective of its size, is vital and is central to the cause of exceeding the aspirations of its stakeholders.

The Logo
The logo brings together 3 very powerful concepts.
The Hexagon
The six sided hexagon is a symbol that stands for good communication, balance/harmony, union/integration, equality, sincerity and dependability.

This symbol is found in nature in the formation of honeycomb.

The strongest, most stable structure that is formed with the corporation and hard work of the members.

The Ying Yang
The chinese symbol that stands for perfact balance and harmony.

Good comes out of when opposing but complementary forces found in the universe come together.

And the Z form Zion
Z that will become the recognizable alphabet for the group.

The colours : the palette depicts mother earth and constructions has everything to do with the earth.